I have worked with couples who have been married as long as 9 years without consummating their marriages.  This may be because of Vaginismus – a condition that prevents penetration.  Husbands will say that It feels like “I just hit a wall – and its locked down completely.”  Both partners are usually baffled by the problem, and often too embarrassed and ashamed to seek help.  Sometimes they don’t know where to begin to find professional help to overcome this frustrating and debilitating problem.  Some couples wait to come in until they are ready to start a family.

With sex therapy, I help couples  overcome this problem.  Fears about penetration can often be part of the problem.  One patient said:  “its like having a panic attack in my vagina”.  Understanding why you have these fears is key to overcoming the problem.  There are specific techniques that you can do at home to work with your body.  There is hope.  It is a great joy to hear back from former patients who send me a photo of their new baby.

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