Sexual Concerns that I can help you with:

Low Libido

Arousal & Orgasm Difficulties

Vaginismus & Painful Intercourse

Sexual Trauma & Flashbacks during Sex

Sexual Compulsivity & Addiction

Sex Therapy and Couples Therapy

I offer sex therapy for both men and women, to help you restore your sexual desire and improve your emotional and sexual intimacy. I will guide you through a process of “detective work” to determine what the cause (or causes) are for your low libido or other sexual concerns. From there I will give you personalized sexuality education and homework exercises, designed to get you back on track for a rewarding sex life. Depending on what the particular set of causes are for you, I could recommend couples or individual sex therapy sessions, or Women’s Support Groups.

I work with many couples in more general therapy addressing a variety of relationship issues: conflict resolution, intimacy and sex, parenting differences, handling money. Any non-sexual issue in a relationship that is not resolved can become a sexual issue – affecting your sex drive and sexual functioning.

One important distinction between couples therapy and sex therapy is that couples therapy done by general marital therapists is far less focused on sex. Marriage and Family Therapists have excellent training in general couples therapy, but often have extremely little training in sex therapy techniques and human sexuality. Usually, a general couples therapist will approach a couple’s sexual problem by working to improve the issues that may interfere with the couples’ sexual life indirectly, such as poor communication, or lack of conflict resolution skills. Research shows this is simply not enough in most cases, to restore a woman’s desire, or improve a man’s early ejaculation. I have heard from clients who saw general marital therapists in an attempt to solve a sexual problem say that their therapist blushed when they brought up the sexual issue. Obviously, if your therapist is embarrassed to talk about it, she won’t be able to help you.

For a full post on the importance of seeing a sex therapist for a sexual problem, see

I Wish We Had Seen a Sex Therapist.

In Sex Therapy, we talk about your concerns.  Sexual activity is NEVER a part of your actual therapy session.  I will give you and your spouse exercises to do at home, which we will talk about in your sessions.  Any therapist who engages in any form of sexual activity in session (or with clients at any time) is breaking a fundamental ethical rule.  I will help you understand more about your sexual functioning and feelings, and help move you to a better relationship with sex and  your sexuality.  I may also provide information about anatomy, sexual response, and healthy sexual functioning.

Sex Therapy is a very specialized field, which requires considerable training.  Many therapists say they work with sexual issues, but not all have adequate training to provide effective sex therapy.  I have earned full certification as a Certified Sex Therapist from the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT), after working towards this for many years.  The training includes education about sexual functioning, sex therapy techniques, and supervision by another Certified Sex Therapist.  I am very proud to have earned this credential, and to be a member of AASECT.

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